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You can set up and capture three different kinds of events:

You can set up and capture three different kinds of events:

The answer is :

- Standard events: actions Facebook recognizes and supports across ad products, like Complete Registration, Search and Add to Wishlist. You can use events to capture conversions, optimize for conversions and build audiences if you add the appropriate code to your website.

You'll have the option to set up standard events when you create your pixel.

- Custom events: actions that fall outside those covered by Facebook's standard events. You can create and capture custom events by adding them to the website code, just like standard events.

- Custom conversions: allow you to segment your event your event information based on values, event types, custom information fields and other characteristics for more detailed reporting in Ads Manager. Create a custom conversion by building rules that define the unique, high-value activities that are important to your business. Your custom conversion will then be applied to your offline event set. The most common custom conversion is a URL based custom conversion. This means that you can create a custom conversion that tracks people who visit a specific page on your website. For example, the thank you page.

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