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what does it mean to dream meeting my old friends

what does it mean to dream meeting my old friends

The answer is :

Seeing an old friend in a dream means you are depressed or overworked in your waking life, particularly if this is one from childhood. Such dreams also reflect a desire to be more reckless, or simply to have more fun in life. Often significant is the friendship that you have had with the old friend or friends.

Having old friends in dreams also reflects your waking life's regression–taking steps backwards. This is nice occasionally, if you have become too serious as an adult. It can show going back to the fundamentals and experiencing performance and reward. If your dream is of a reconnection between you and your old friend, particularly with a party or a happy occasion, it is a sign that good news is coming your way and a celebration omen. Yelling at a relative, or being screamed at one way, you might soon be confronted by all of your old friends.

When you're dreaming of an old friend you've never been a mate, this is a dream you're going to have a more active social life and it's a good omen for making friends and networking links.

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