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what does it mean to dream of a dinosaur

what does it mean to dream of a dinosaur

The answer is :

When you dreamed you saw a dinosaur, the dream is a sign of your fears in a waking life.

If you've been chased by a dinosaur in your dream, it's a sign of fears you have in your waking life but you're trying to escape them.

If you saw in your dream that you were running from a dinosaur, it's a symbol of your fears, again. You may be afraid of the changes which will come into your life.

Dreaming of finding the bones of a dinosaur. If you had a dream like this, this is a very good omen. This dream has something to do with your emotional situation and it shows you that you can expect to see new love come into your life very soon.

If you've dreamed of finding a dinosaur's teeth, this isn't a good sign. This vision usually indicates that you're going to lose your good friend, but it can sometimes also mean that somebody in your family will die soon.

If you've seen a dinosaur killed in your dream it's a very good omen. Generally this dream means you've put your life behind you and are ready for the future that'll be better for you.

If you had a dream in which you lived with dinosaurs, this probably means you have no doubts about your history.

When you sense a dinosaur's presence while you're dreaming, then this is a bad sign.

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