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What does, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” mean?

What does, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” mean?

The answer is :

'Play stupid games, win stupid prizes' actually means that if you are going to intentionally and after knowing everything, still do something stupid, illegal, or out of ethics or regulations, you have to be prepared to face the consequences.

It is mostly used when a person is suffering due to a situation or scenario that is entire of their own making. Particularly when the "victim" complains about the fallout, which they themselves have brought upon them.

So for example let's suppose Jack decides to have fun by breaking into the carnival and by riding all of the rides and swings all alone. Something goes wrong and Jack gets his leg ripped off and then tries to sue the whole carnival.

Now to help understand this phrase better, I am going to share a story of a soldier which is another example about this phrase, he shares his story by saying:

A junior soldier of mine wanted to buy a vehicle for himself. It was his first vehicle ever, and he was very keen and keen to get during the weekend.

Me, along with my Fire Support Officer told him that he should buy it from a reputable and trustworthy dealership, and he also told him that a license, registration as well as insurance were important parts to look for to operate a vehicle.

We both told him that we would really like to go together with him to the dealership so that we could help him with making a sensible purchase of that vehicle.

This young man listened to all the talking and said that he would comply with all which was said to him. There won't be any problems.

The next weekend I get a call from my First Sergeant saying that I need to meet him in his office concerning my soldier. I go towards him, and when I had got there in his office, I found out that he has gotten puller over on post for speeding of his vehicle and for doing an illegal U-Turn away from a Military Police checkpoint.

When he stopped, he neither had any license, registration, nor registration. "Sigh". We told him everything that he needed but he did not hear and complied with us.

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

My First Sergeant then got him out of that serious problem, but then I had to counsel the soldier on paper about having the proper documentation to ride a vehicle, and also have him do the corrective training for about two weeks. We let him know how potentially bad this could be. That kid got the message right? Further to follow.

After this incident, a couple of weeks go by, there are not any issues regarding any of my soldiers.

The young man told he is not to operate his vehicle until and unless he has a proof license, insurance as well as registration. That is all he had to do to turn things right, and just show us that he was having all of the said documents.

Then I get a call at night from the First Sergeant who informs me that I need to see him tomorrow about the matter of my soldier. Again, He caught the soldier driving and waved him down.

He then asked the young man to show him all the documents, and guess what? The soldier made no effort in doing so. He was still driving Illegally. The first Sergeant lets him go and told him he was the mercy of the MPs on that evening.

The next day, I take the young man into the office and read him his counseling for a Field Grade Article 15, What is that you may be thinking? It is a punishment handed down from a field grade officer which reduces a soldier in rank and is halved for two months, and 45 days of extra duty.

I told him that he surely wanted to feel what it was like to get a ticket back.

So now he knew. The young soldier was told of everything that he had to do to operate his vehicle legally, but he did not listen and got in trouble once and was given a warning and instructions also on how to not make the same mistake again.

But the young man decides to herd headed, gets in trouble again by the same person who saved his skin for the first time. As he did not hear and obey as he was told to do, he suffered the consequences big time.

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