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who made me a princess

who made me a princess

The answer is :

The story begins when a reader forgets a work in the establishment where a girl worked, made it so that she started to read; it was a novel in which her father, Claude de Alger Obelia, killed her daughter, Athanasia, at the age of 18 for being accused of putting poison in her sister Jenette's glass. The young woman, after taking some sleeping pills, when she wakes up, finds herself in another world - she was inside the novel. Athy had been reincarnated in the body of Princess Athanasia, the girl who had a tragic end. Realizing this, in order not to have the same purpose that the princess of the novel had had at the age of 18, she said that, in that time, she would find a way to escape before this happened and that she met her father. However, it was not as she imagined; Athanasia, at the age of five, had gone out to hide her treasure and ended up running into Claude and his royal guard, Felix, very early, which made her desperate. However, the girl, soon after, tried to approach the emperor as soon as possible, as she did not want to have the same end that had happened in the novel. Further on, we see that the princess was able to get closer and closer to Claude and to make him not hate her, but to get closer to her more and more. Later on, Athanasia meets several people, such as Lukas, a magician, and Ijekiel, Jenette's foster brother, who appears later in the manhwa as well. Athanasia, still young, had become ill because of her mana complex - resulting in her being in a coma for more than a month - making her father, Claude, very concerned and calling all the magicians to fix it, and who helped was none other than Lukas, the magician she had met in the course of the plot. In this, we see that Claude really cared for the princess and that he just did not like her before, because she remembers a lot of her mother who had died just when the girl was born, bringing a lot of suffering for Claude. However, several things still happen and it is revealed why Claude had killed his daughter in the novel and other factors that come to be understood only at the end of the morning.

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